Stay On Top of Your Day

Read everything you need to know about your day in your 30 minute personalized briefing. See your calendar, know the weather, read through your notes, bookmarked tweets, and articles from your reading list. Brief compiles all of this into a timeboxed digest, allowing you to stay on top of what you want to know.

A screenshot of the web application.



I am building Brief because I always liked the idea of starting my day with a newspaper and a good cup of coffee. But I soon realized that the newspaper didn’t fit with my information diet—too many articles, while interesting, were not relevant to me in that moment. Meanwhile, my reading list compiled through articles discovered on Twitter, or through recommendations from friends, just kept growing.

Substituting the newspaper for Twitter and email newsletters felt overwhelming, and more than once sent me doomscrolling or down endless rabbit holes. Meanwhile, articles still kept piling up, because it was “never the right time” to read them.

And, of course, neither solution included any relevant personal content, such as my calendar or notes and highlights. So I ended up building Brief for myself, and hope that others find the tool useful, as well.